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"Luna is amazing! I’ve done the inbox tarot and guided meditation) She’s patient, soothing, and great to work with. She can provide plenty of guidance if you’re new to her services like I was!" -M.S. 

"Luna is so wonderful at what they do! When looking for energy healing you'll always want to pick somebody who you really vibe with, and Luna is so calm, collected, kind and open that they're an obvious choice for this kind of work!" -A.W.

"My experience with LunaTheGrey has been wonderful! Her meditations are inspired and imaginative just like her. They have helped me to find serenity during a difficult time in my life." -N.Q.

"LunaTheGray takes great pride in her profession and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her clients. I’ve received much relief from the anxieties of daily life with her guided meditations." -A.S.

"Luna the Gray made me feel truly grounded and genuinely at peace within myself. I will be definitely be working with her again." -L.S.

"In full honesty, I went in with very little expectations and kept an open mind to the experience (how we all should approach things!). Arriving at Here.Now.Self’s (prior business name) calming yet flowing studio location in Capitol Hill, Reiki Master Kate discussed the process and any current stresses. As for my experience, that I will save for YOU to experience for yourself. I am a firm believer that too many expectations/comparisons ruins people’s experiences. Instead, what I will share is that I was so APPRECIATIVE of my session with Kate that I wanted to share her Reiki skills with my network. She is committed to serving others to a healthier and happier lifestyles and I am confident you will find a session with her rewarding." -K.W. 

"OH MY GOSH! What can I say about Kate from HereNowSelf!?! She is amazing at what she does!! What I really love about Kate is the fact that you will instantly feel comfortable and confident in her, she has the most amazing sweet and calm vibe ever! I have done Reiki with her as well as used her essential oil blends (which are also amazing!). She is the best, you will NOT regret your time spent with her!" -A.W. 

"Luna is amazing! She helped me develop meal plans and gave me nutritional advice for a pretty unique set of issues. Well over a month later and she's still there to answer all my questions, makes me feel like I'm rocking my diet, and has helped elevate my health (both physically and mentally) to a point that I honestly didn't know was possible!" -M.S. 

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